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A dimensional shift.



Bit-Tuner presents his new album EXO accompanied by a visual narration by filmmaker Joerg Hurschler.

Bit-Tuner’s new album «EXO» marks a milestone in his work. Focussing on musical storytelling and atmospheric depth, he is releasing a widescreen and beatless opus that invites listeners to dive deep into his sonic worlds. To a great extent, the album was written and recorded towards the end of his 2-year stay in Athens.

At work

Live @ Kunstraum Walcheturm / Photo: Lorenzo Pusterla

Influenced by topics like the social and structural turmoils of the past years, the strong connections between communities and the sensation of being in an economic deadlock, Bit-Tuner wrote an album that urges to be listened to in a (self-)reflective way. It is a call to listeners to listen closely, delve into the sounds surrounding them in the very moment and draw a quiet but firm inspiration from within.

At work

Live @ Kunstraum Walcheturm / Photo: Lorenzo Pusterla

Filmmaker Joerg Hurschler takes the album a step further by creating a 40-minute animated video that will be screened, mixed and live scored exclusively during Bit-Tuner’s concerts in 2020. The film follows the dramaturgy of the album, creating a visual narration based on its atmosphere. It is the story of molecular objects being propelled into a world similar to ours, where they operate, interact and affect their surroundings, creating and leaving behind something new and strange. Joerg Hurschler’s carefully crafted 3D animations add another layer: What is it that surrounds us, and how do we approach and interact with forces that are beyond our (apparent) reach?
The combination of Joerg Hurschler’s visual storywold and Bit-Tuner’s atmospheric music congregate into an audiovisual experience between the disciplines.


«There’s a physicality to EXO, however subtle and subliminal: there are textures that make your skin crawl, tonalities that make you twitch, tense, and tingle.»

Aural Aggravation

«Bit-Tuner accomplishes mastery in arousing emotions of trepidation and suspense.»

Wül Magazine

«Atmospheric, obscure, hopeful.»

Saiten Magazin (German)

«Bit-Tuner presents an inward looking, reflective melancholia contrasted with majestic, heavenly layered tracks.»


«Bit-Tuner's 7th album EXO is an opulent observation of exotic worlds.»

Artnoir (German)

«EXO is a blackening virus, a virtual painting, a cheeping landscape. And: EXO tells a story.»

St.Galler Tagblatt (German)

«Sweepingly widescreen but intimately detailed electronic spaces.»


«Bit-Tuner’s 7th album is an introspective and reflective one, [...] filtering that mood into a pure strain of gentle melancholy that is then expressed in expansive, filmic instrumental electronica.»

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Sat 8 Feb 2020, Kino Cameo & Kraftfeld, Winterthur

Bit-Tuner presents «EXO» + LIVE: BIT-TUNER CLUB-SET /// DJ's: ZUNAMI & INK! (-OUS)

Thu 13 Feb 2020, Dampfzentrale, Bern

Bit-Tuner presents «EXO» (live A/V show) / MM (live) /// -OUS Label Night

Fri 14 Feb 2020, Royal, Baden

Bit-Tuner presents «EXO» + Club-Set /// DJ's Shayu und Ink!

Sat 29 Feb 2020, Rouine, Basel

Bit-Tuner presents «EXO» (live A/V show) /// HTW Herrrouine & Vinc.


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